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Visibility + Detection + Response

What challenges do clients face in their IT systems?

The security of your network requires constant visibility, early malware detection, and rapid response once detected.


It is crucial for clients to discover hidden malware before financial damage occurs. Clients need a mechanism to harden the stability and protect the network continuously and to report and document all such incidences and successes all this ensures an uninterrupted business operation


What is Cyber6™?

A proprietary visibility and detection tool from AdvaSec

This sophisticated cyber security tool monitors your security 24X7, flags breaches, and helps you mitigate data and financial losses.


What can Cyber6™ do for you?

Cyber6 watches everything. Data is filtered in real-time. The tool tells you when, how, and who communicates. A log of security and operational events and incidents with full context is maintained, enabling easy root cause analysis, threat hunting, and network troubleshooting.

What are the advantages of Cyber6™


With Cyber6, you can filter and visualise data with full and consistent data storage.


One-click rapid response to security breaches.


Investigations and forensics take minutes instead of hours.


Cyber6™ can easily analyze years of data!

™ detects policy breaches such as ISO27000, PCI DSS, and GDPR. Additionally, it detects unusual data transfers and user behaviour.

Behavioural detection and discovery are what make Cyber6

With DPI, it has a powerful signature-based detection algorithm. It also uses event correlation, L7 analysis, and encrypted traffic analysis.

So what are you waiting for?

Avoid serious security breaches including ransomware and protect your reputation. Invest in Cyber6

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