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Security Information and Event Management

SIEM is a combination of two systems 

- SIM (Security Information Management) and 

- SEM (Security Event Management)

It is software analyzing and aggregating activities from many sources of the client’s IT infrastructure. The system recognizes potential threats before the real threat will damage and interrupt IT operations. The system makes incidents identification and its removal fully automated. The system works based on preset parameters. 

SIEM provides:

  • Log collection

  • Correlation and Analysis of the incidents

  • Alert generation, Incident Investigation

  • Internal and Mandatory rules compliance check

  • Reporting

The most important reason to implement SIEM is reduction of the security events to the level where the client can easily manage the incidents. SIEM separates the real incidents from the false positive incidents

SIEM increases effectivity of IT operations, quickly analyses operation 

Use your data for immediate response 

  • Real-Time Visibility – automatic data collection, 

  • Data Source Agnostic – data analysis from any source 

  • AI & Machine Learning – 


SIEM is the best tool for detection of the internal threats and IoT security

Many businesses implement SIEM solutions as a respond to the new trends at cyber warfare,

SIEM provides centralized monitoring the IT infrastructure and also provides advanced  reporting of the security incidents

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